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• 30 unique hand drawn illustrations
• created by professional art gallery artist
• high resolution vector images
• detail levels vary from simple to medium
• 2 more bonus coloring pages
• Language: English
• 1 edition (September 8, 2016)

Find true happiness through Return to Heaven!
In this book you will find thrilling images of happiness, coming closer to nature, love, family, motherhood as well as fascinating floral patterns with almost 30 different sorts of plants together with mystic flamingos floating like visions through that fairy-tale world.
I welcome you to that magical world! Coloring for adults is used today for relaxation and meditation as well as for techniques for self-expression and boosting creativity. Each page of this book is charged with an artistic vision that I hope will trigger your own desire for free expression and artistry. Inside you will find 30 pieces of art activities to pump up your positivity and satisfaction. Working with cheerful images helps piling up optimism and well-being throughout the day. And what is even more liberating is that there is no right or wrong way to color these joyful images!


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