Fine Art

Here you can follow paintings, sketches, projects from my student life to present.

Digital Art

Here I post only digital paintings, collages, illustrations. I love to explore the virtual way of creating a piece of art.

Audio - Visual projects

I love to experiment with music and do projects with sounds and video. My favourite piece of music is when I mix my vocals with slow-moving ambient soundscapes that blend electronics and sampled elements with orchestral arrangements.

My Mission see beyond the seen and connect people with the beauty of other realities.


You can check and download my last portfolio version with my artistic biography and selection of works and projects.

Online Shop

If you are interesting
on some of my art don’t hesitate to contact me or you can directly buy from the Online shop.

Maria Vasileva
Аrt historian curator and critic

In her work Trendafila Trendafilova seeks a unified image of objective and digital reality and tries to understand the positive and negative of their intersection. Often based on her personal experience, she takes it across anonymity of computer life, to look into the universal dimension of a world where the boundaries of fantasy are wide open.

Ralitza Konstantinova
Anthropologist. Curator

Trendafila’s art is like a meditation to me. The way it affects me transcends any professional notion of the relation between artist and curator. Instead I see the two of us as lost children in a mysterious and symbolic world. This peaceful communication revolves around her artwork and intertwines with our deep friendship. Keep roaming in the stars Tre...

Ralitza Petrova

Trendafila's world is evocative, universal, conceptual, and free, expressing human emotions beyond time and place

Rosen Markovski
Visual artist

I'm always impressed when I see her new paintings. She always has unique, new ideas that are among the avant-garde not only in painting, but also in music, poetry, photography and many more expressive means of art.

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